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Web hosting is a critical piece of your website. We got the best, fastest WordPress hosting we could find and bundled it with an affordable maintenance package that includes updates, backups, and security. Protect your investment and give your users a speedy, secure site. Sign up now and we’ll take care of the rest.

Premium Hosting + Support


Blazing Speed

Dedicated server on WP Engine. The fastest WordPress host in the world. 

Bundled Services

An all in one solution with quality hosting, service & support 

Free Migration

Sign up and we’ll take care of the rest.   

Zero Downtime

No more sudden lag or downtime from cheap shared hosting.


We update your software and plugins.

Daily Automatic Backups

Essential insurance for protecting your investment. 


Comprehensive security against hackers and bots.   

SSL Certificate

Now required for good SEO, user data privacy and security. 

Better SEO

Performance, speed, and SSL all contribute to search engine rankings. 

Account Access

Access your WP Engine account and backups 24/7 with your own login. 

Monthly Autopay

Easy automatic monthly credit card billing. Annual invoicing also available. 

Bottom line: if we build a site, we want it to perform the best that it possibly can for you and your users. No compromises. You have told us fast website speed is a top priority. We listened, bit the bullet, and got a dedicated server with the best WordPress host in the world. 

Welcome to WP Engine

WP Engine is the fastest, most secure WordPress hosting you can get. Period. 

Ok cool, What do I need to do?

  1. Subscribe
    Sign up for a subscription. Your card will be enrolled in autopay. You may cancel at any time. 
  2. We migrate your site
    We migrate your website within 5 business days. There is no downtime during the transition. We’ll let you know when your site is on our dedicated server.
  3. Enjoy your supercharged website!
    We bet your customers will too. 

Speed Test – This Page Before

Below is a side by side speed test comparison of InMotion shared hosting vs. our WP Engine dedicated server. 

Speed Test – This Page After

The new server delivers web pages in less than half the time. The web server was the only variable in this test. 


We know. Everyone is used to inexpensive shared hosting. We reached a breaking point when too many people called us for help with hacks, crashes, downtime, slow speeds and terrible support from their web host. WordPress is awesome, but it needs oversight by a pro and solid hosting. Also, while we love building bigger and radder websites, we needed a server that can keep up. A solution was needed for serious businesses who need reliability and care about the user-experience of their websites. 

We chose to partner with WP Engine, an Austin-based company that has seized this opportunity to provide quality web hosting for WordPress.  

Also, we get priority support with WP Engine. We often need to contact WP Engine support for our clients. WordPress websites naturally take a bit of tinkering now and then. WP Engine support is shockingly good, available 24/7/365, and is based in the USA. If we could buy them a beer, we would. 

Downtime and lag are common issues with inexpensive shared hosting. It’s inexpensive because you’re sharing one server with up to 1,000 other websites. Think of it like an all you can eat sushi buffet with 1,000 other complete strangers. Some will eat a lot, some will eat a little. Most of the time, it works. If everybody starts eating a lot, or a few people eat a ton, it breaks down. When this happens and your shared host gets overloaded, your site won’t load or runs very slowly. It usually happens without warning, your host won’t tell you it happened, and you only realize it when a customer tells you, if they bother to tell you at all. As web developers, we see it all the time, we know the game of the major hosting companies offering cheap hosting and we’re done playing. 

Yes, it is that good and they are growing. Rapidly. Private equity firm Silver Lake just invested $250 million in the Austin-based company and is taking it international. We’re not getting paid to pitch this product. We’re jumping in now because we can finally offer great pricing for this awesome product with the same great service you get from being a Hatchback Creative hosting client. 


No – you can opt out at any time. You have access to a backup of your website 24/7/365  


Yes. You will be able to login to your own hosting install. This is where you’ll be able to download a backup of your website at any time.